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A very sad excuse for what some may call a "brag book," but working on my bragging rights every single day.

The Man Behind The Brand published for High Europe

The Man Behind The Brand - Story for Grey Goose Vodka while staying at the home of GG, "Le Logis" in France.


It is always hard to write about yourself, so, instead, I will write about everything I love, the people I admire, and the places I have gone and thus taken with me ever since as well as the places I long to discover in the very near future.

Jump On In, or Don't!

If you are like me, you might not quite be ready to take that leap into the lovely summer uniform we have all come to know and dread as the bathing suit! Or even worse, the BIKINI!

A new take on having the Blue hue hues...

I am pretty sure that I have never met a single solitary soul who does not really like or does not at least not hate Turquoise.