My Favorite Things


Today I thought I would share my favorite beauty products that I am using.  I am not a huge beauty guru, but when I find something great I feel the need to share it’s greatness with the world.   So, here are this week’s winners:

Aubrey Organics Rosa Mosqueta hand and body lotion

Dr. Aubrey's Rosa Mosqueta
Dr. Aubrey’s Rosa Mosqueta

Why I love this product: The price -$12.95 per 8 oz. bottle- you cannot beat that!

Also, the fact that it is absolutely the best smelling lotion resembling a light rose scent similar to Chanel’s rose scented blushes, and it’s completely organic.  The creator, Aubrey Hampton, committed himself to making a lot of industry “firsts” when manufacturing his line of organic skin care products. He claims, and has proven in demonstrations, that the lotion is completely edible! While I do not recommend you eating the lotion, he wants consumers to know that it is not only safe for your body to absorb, but also completely natural.

Aubrey Organics Rosa Mosqueta Hand and Body Lotion $12.95

available at Whole Foods grocery stores nation-wide or online at



Oxygenetics Foundation
Oxygenetics Foundation

Why I love this product: This product is so exclusive it was given to celebs at this year’s Sundance Film Festival in every “swag bag,” not that that means anything, but it happens to be a great product! It is a foundation that not only provides weightless coverage, and I mean weightless, but it also acts as a cure-all to acne, fine lines, and wrinkles.  Cutting-edge technology utilizing oxygen, of all things, heals your skin and restores it to its original condition while you wear it.  It really is the “fountain of youth.” Unfortunately, as of right now, it is only available through a select few websites and your dermatologist. I recommend getting the product through your dermatologist if possible, because he or she will be sure to match the foundation to your exact skin tone.  Here is the best part of this product, it is only $66.00 for a big bottle!  Also, it has SPF 25, and whether or not you believe in Global Warming, your skin is exposed to harmful rays everyday.

Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation SPF 25, 15ml

http://www.beautyflyrx.com $66.00

Tarte Cosmetics Natural Cheek Stain

Tarte Cheek Stain
Tarte Cheek Stain

Why I love this product: It’s my “life saver.” If I am running late to a meeting, which is usually the case, I rely on my Tarte Cheek stain and prefer the shade “Full Blossom” to bring me back from the grave.  I apply it to my lips and cheeks as it is completely organic and designed for use on both. It gives me that natural blushed look and makes my eyes pop.  Another great reason to invest in this miracle stick is the great return on your investment. I have had the same stick for over 5 months now and it looks like I have at least 4 more months to go! I use this product every single day and it is an absolute staple to my daily “face-painting” routine.

Tarte “Eco-Chic” Cheek Stain $30.00

Available at Sephora stores nationwide as well as online at


Lorac Double Feature Paraben-Free Concealer/Highlighter

Highlighter and Concealer in one!
Highlighter and Concealer in one!

Why I love this product: I think this product is the best highlighter on the market. I have tried so many products that are similar, but this product contains a concealer stick, roller ball on the tip to blend, and (my personal favorite) the flesh-colored liquid highlighter. Honestly, I only use the highlighter, by applying a dab on the inside corners of my eyes, directly under the brow bone, and to obtain that nice dewy glow, on the top of my cheek bones.  Unlike other highlighters, it is subtle and natural, where other products seem so obvious and harsh.  I have had the same tube since April, and I think I can probably squeeze another month or so out of it, so for the money, it is well worth it! I also have to add, for those who do not know, Parabens cause cancer and are found in many common department store cosmetic lines, but not in this product, which is really great being that I use it everyday.

Lorac Double Feature

Paraben-Free Concealer/Highlighter $24.00

Available online at http://www.loraccosmetics.com or Sephora stores nationwide

Amore-Pacific Organic Skin Line

Why I love this product: This is a new product for me, being that I have only been using the line for about two weeks. However, I have already noticed quite a difference in my skin.  I am weird in that I have a strange aversion to washing my face because I hate water running down my arms and getting everywhere, so I have used cleansing towelettes for years, no moisturizer, no toner, basically- I have ignored my skin for fear of breaking out and irrational fears of water running a muck! So, now that I am 31 years old, and have noticed lines written all over my face as evidence of years of ignoring my skin, I am ditching my go-to Accutane and cleansing wipes, and have committed to sticking with a skin care line and actually using it! I am currently using their Enzyme Peel three times a week which is cool because it is pre-measured and does not burn your skin.  I also use the towelettes at night- to avoid the water issue, and then follow it up with the toner. Now, I know this seems like a lot, but if I can do it, anyone can do it.  Then, I use the age defying moisturizer and eye cream for my eyes and lips! I understand now, why it is so important to take care of your skin and the difference a great skin care line can make in the health and appearance of your skin.  This product is organic and the main ingredient is green tea, which is grown and harvested on farms owned by  Amore-Pacific.   This may seem like a lot of information, but this product deserves the attention! I cannot believe the difference in my skin, thank you Amore-Pacific.

Warning- it is not cheap but it lasts forever and it is great!

Available online at www.amorepacific.com and Neiman Marcus stores nationwide.Price available upon request, but don’t ask. It will only shock you! See maybe if I say this you’ll think it’s like in the thousands and be pleasantly surprised!

The Yellow Bird Hair-Blow Dryer

Yellow Bird Hair Dryer
Yellow Bird Hair Dryer

Why I love this product:  I have purchased many hair blow dryers over the years, but I have yet to find one that matches the performance of The Yellow Bird! I just love it. I have really long hair but a short amount of time to dry it, so I always have time to have freshly washed hair and make it to where ever I am going on-time with The Yellow Bird’s help. The most fun product they make is “The Baby Bird.” It is just as powerful, but tiny, so it is just perfect for traveling- especially now that you have to purchase your luggage a ticket to ride! The cheapest place to purchase is actually online!

The Yellow Bird Hair-Blow Dryer

Available for only $21.99



ModelCo Tan Airbrush In A Can

ModelCo  Airbrush Tan In A Can
ModelCo Airbrush Tan In A Can

Why I Love This Product:  I don’t know about you, but I am so sick of having to go to the tanning salon and get sprayed by a total stranger.  For a quick pick-me-up without having to leave the house, try Tan Airbrush In A Can, and tell me you do not LOVE the stuff after the first time! I also have the smaller can for the face.  It is just so natural and easy to apply.  It will add maybe 2 extra minutes to your daily routine and it actually smells descent, like coconuts.  The price is so-so, meaning, it is a little bit more than I would want to spend, but then again, I live for a bargain! To extend the life of this little secret weapon, I just use a small amount on my chest, neck, and cheek bones. If you apply lotion prior to applying, it will actually go on smoother and you can rub it in with your hand. Be sure to immediately wash your palms after applying! If not, you will learn the hard way.

ModelCo Tan Airbrush In A Can

Available nation-wide at all Sephora stores as well as various online retailers including:

www.shopzilla.com $30.00

Rene Furterer Paris Naturia Dry Shampoo

Rene Furterer Naturia Dry Shampoo
Rene Furterer Naturia Dry Shampoo

Why I Love This Product:  The little green bottle is an item I absolutely cannot live without. I have very fine hair, and while I could and possibly should wash it every day, I choose not to thanks to Furterer.  I have used several dry shampoo brands, but this particular one actually gives you great hair days after two, three, even four days after initially washing!  It seems like hair that is freshly washed, never really does what you want unless you just get really lucky, but this stuff gives you Cindy Crawford hair with less work than if you washed and styled it daily.  Imagine that?! They recently released the tiny travel bottles and hair spray, which is really convenient not only for the plane, but also to throw in your purse.  It smells great too and is nourishing to your hair as well. It is expensive, but it is “worth it’s weight in gold!”

Rene Furterer Paris Dry Shampoo

Available though all Sephora stores nation-wide also online at:

www.renefurterer.com  or www.amazon.com for the cheapest price  $19.50-$23.99


Wam Bam Glam, GlamSquad that is…

And Thank You Sir and Ma’am!


Allow me to introduce you to The GlamSquad


Getting the ‘Glam’ treatment was so amazing, I can’t keep this beauty service a secret any longer!

Creative Hair and Makeup Directors, Giovanni Vaccaro and Kelli J. Bartlett arrived at my house at 3:00pm sharp,  straight off the plane from NYC, where GlamSquad is already in full-swing.  In New York, it is a thriving bea-utiful business with CEO and Co-Founder of multi-million dollar business, Gilt.com, Alexandra Wilson at the helm. I am here to inform you that GlamSqaud is spreading its wings, and is heading west, starting with yours truly as their very first Los Angeles client! What an honor! I’ll tell you a bit about my Glamorous experience this past Monday with ‘Gio’ and Kelli, as it is a moment of glamour  worth noting.


GlamSquad Creative Hair and Makeup Directors, Kelli J. Bartlett and Giovanni Vaccaro
GlamSquad Creative Hair and Makeup Directors, Kelli J. Bartlett and Giovanni Vaccaro
 Meet Kelli J. Bartlett

Kelli Bartlett, GlamSquad’s Creative Director of Makeup, is adorable in every way. ‘Kelli from Kansas’, could not be more vivacious and professional. She’s full of personality and power-packed with a plethora of knowledge. She immediately started transforming my living room into the perfect pop-up hair and makeup studio, who knew? Within minutes, the coffee table was covered in perfectly organized brushes, product, and all kinds of color pallets of shadows, lipsticks, and foundations, literally, anything and everything you could ever need to create the ‘perfect’ face.

coffee table


Important to note, GlamSquad prides itself on the ability to make you appear as if you have just had a wonderful night of sleep! They do not ‘make you up’, rather, they perffect what your mamma gave you!

GlamSquad Makeup Looks
GlamSquad Makeup Looks

Makeup LooksGlamSquad
Celebrities are hopping on the GlamSquad Bandwagon!
While Kelli was busy setting up her station, the equally talented and incredibly charming GlamSquad Creative Director of Hair, Giovanni Vaccaro, was talking to me about what he was thinking in terms of looks for my type of hair and cut.

Giovanni is truly gifted with the ability to make you feel comfortable and relaxed while remaining professional.  After ten years with Frederic Fekkai, the guys at GlamSquad finally convinced him to take on the challenge as Creative Director.   I now know why they could not go with anyone else.  His knowledge and training is extensive, but his amazing demeanor and charm doesn’t hurt either.

So, now you know who I was working with, now, here’s what they were working with!

Upon arriving to my home, I was told to have clean, wet hair, and a clean face. Ummmm… if anyone knows me, they know I sleep in perfume and lipstick regularly, so, to greet these incredibly talented power houses in sweats, wet hair, and sans makeup, I was feeling a little bit vulnerable to say the least!

However, after about two minutes of Kelli and Gio arriving, their presence put me completely at ease, which is also an important part of GlamSquad’s service. They care first and foremost about the client and customer service!


What is it and how does it work? You can either go straight to the site, or download the  GlamSquad app, much like Uber. Then, create a profile and order your service two hours prior to the time you need them to come.

Schedule your appointment
Schedule your appointment

A fabulous team arrives to your home, office, wherever to prep you for your hot date, red carpet event, or just your day.  Before you know it,, your hair and makeup is finito in  just under 60 minutes! Pretty impressive! Here are a few looks on the menu!



 THE FACE: Creating A Good Foundation…

I chose ‘The Bronzed Beauty’ for my makeup look.The Bronzed Beauty

So, Kelli started by applying moisturizer by Charlotte Tilbury on my lips and face, because the application of the makeup goes on smoother!


Then, she used a water-based foundation by MAC, which is awesome because it is light-weight, and can be used on your body as well! It is smart when we aren’t so smart, so, you cannot over apply. The application brush was also interesting, not your typical flat brush I have used in the past, rather a fat, oversized brush, used to blot the foundation, creating a very light application. Kelli dabbed the foundation on her hand, then blotted the brush into the foundation.  This allowed her to apply the foundation sparingly and quickly, which I think is ingenious!

MAC Cosmetics: Studio Face and Body Foundation 120 ml in C5
MAC Cosmetics: Studio Face and Body Foundation 120 ml in C5



MAC Cosmetics: 127 Split Fibre Face Brush
MAC Cosmetics: 127 Split Fibre Face Brush

MAC Cosmetics: 127 Split Fibre Face Brush











Kelli also applied a product that has quickly become the ‘apple of my eye’ by Charlotte Tilbury called  Wonder Glow.CHARLOTTE TILBURY'S WONDER GLOW

Using a dampened Beauty Blender sponge, she blotted the product just under the eyes out towards the top of my cheekbones, creating a glowing, fresh-faced, dewy finish.

beautyblender - the original beautyblender®

 Contouring was exciting too,  using a brush and a slightly darker shade of foundation along the bottom of the cheeks, Kelli created an  illusion of  high cheek bones!   She painted the foundation right under the cheek all the way to the top of my cheek bone.  Using the same pink blending sponge, guess what she did? She Blended!  The finishing touch was a little spritz, and voila, the foundation is set!

Quick Recap:
  1. Moisturize lips and face.
  2. Apply foundation using either your hands or if you’re a pro, a brush.
  3. Glow- applied with the pink clown nose looking DAMPENED sponge.
  4. Contour with darker foundation around cheeks and even down middle of the nose and blend. (Pink clown nose sponge)
  5.  Spritz, to set the foundation.
EYE TOTALLY GET IT NOW! Primed for Perfection…

Because I wear red lipstick everyday, we went with a very downplayed eye.  Kelli applied a primer to my lids to avoid creasing and give longevity to the makeup itself.  She said if I wanted to, I could just wear the primer by itself because it has a great golden hue.  She also concealed redness and dark circles using concealer and a brush. Kelli chose golden hues and a deep copper for the contour and lash line. She started by applying the lightest color In the center and inner lid of my eye- we wanted highlight- so she used a light gold, and then defined my eyes, which according to Kelli, I have almond-shaped eyes, I think she was just being nice, but if I do, I am thrilled!  Then, she created contour using the darker brown shadow  under my eye bone, and brushed lightly over the outer edges of the top lid, then using a tiny brush, she applied the dark brown shadow along the eyelash line, but only the top lash line. The final step was all about lashes!  Of course, we used a curler, then, from root to tips, I slowly blinked coating every last lash! Kelli applied a tiny bit to the bottom lash line and eyes were ready to step up to bat!


Here s To Looking At You!

Kelli and I both agreed using a matte bright red was the right way to go! So, believe it or not, Sephora brand lipstick is actually worthy of a little lip service.  Kelli swears by it, and claims it is the same exact product as your designer $30.00 lipstick.   So, check it out.  Using a brush, Kelli very carefully starts applying the color to my top lip, just on the inside of the lip. She moves on to the bottom and paints just roughly the inner part of the lip. Reason: She likes to allow herself to decide on shape last. Shape-up time! I cannot stand having such a thin top lip, but for whatever reason, the red color and Kelli’s shaping perfection boosted the lip by a landslide, talk about having a stiff upper lip! After completely the lips, and allowing the color to dry, I was told I would not have to worry about bright red lipstick on my teeth ever again! Just let it dry!


While Kelli was busy giving me some much-needed ‘facetime’, Giovanni had been creating a naturally volume-infused look, which, with my fine hair, if successfully executed, is nothing shy of a miracle.  Officially, I chose ‘The Bombshell’.

Giovanni walks me through the process, and thus, I am going to share the hair care info and instructions.
To Start:

G preps my hair using product, and it smells amazing. Kerastase Forme Fatale Blow-Dry Styling Gel, Strong Hold.Forme Fatale


Do not clump it at the crown of the head, only apply the product to the roots! Volume BOOST, not ‘how low can we go’! Blow dry hair starting at the roots and dry the ends slightly, be sure you use a dryer that is powerful, but not too hot.

  1. Starting at the roots helps to create volume, and leaving the hair about 25% damp, actually helps to build volume and avoid frizz.  Think silk versus hay, too dry- you get hay!
  • The heat factor is important if you are trying to create volume, too much heat actually burns your chances of building any volume.  *Think, heat too hot will leave you burned in terms of desired results.
Really Get The Ball Rollin’

Now, brush it up ladies! Gio uses a round brush I would guess to be about 3/4″. Why size matters: the larger the brush, the straighter the hair, the smaller the brush, the more curl you will be able to create. So, use a brush that is not too big and not too small, one that is just right


Start drying the hair in sections using the brush, start rolling from the root, then dry the hair straight up the hair, then roll the hair back down on the brush, once dry, twirl the hair off of the brush.

Use this method all over the head.  Important detail: The front sections and the crown are the most important!  You want to curl the hair in the opposite direction to obtain optimal volume. In other words, do not curl under.


Now, for the final step! Pincurls! Using two fingers wrap the hair in large sections around your fingers, rolling the section all the way to the scalp, then pin! That’s it! Just roll and pin until it looks something like this:

My Pin Curls!

Ready, Set, wait for it….GO!

Now is the time to set the hair. Using Kerastase Laque Couture Micro-Mist Fixing Hairspray, Medium, spritz each section of your head with the spray. This sets the hair and you want to leave it curled setting for a little while, at least 30 minutes.  All good things come to those who wait…




And Presto! Thanks to the GlamSquad’s  VIP treatment, and Kelli & Giovanni’s talent, I went from Drab to Fab in less than 60 minutes!

Download the app today! You will not regret it.




Quite “APP-rospos!”



StyleBookAppStyle Book

StyleBook will keep you Stylin’

Check out this really cool app called “Style Book.”  It is the closest thing you will get to having “Cher’s” computerized closet in Clueless.  You take pictures of your shoes, trousers, jewelry, belts, etc., and then the app allows you to erase the background leaving only the garment. It categorizes each item and stores it in your phone for all of your future wardrobe inventory needs.  You can create outfits in minutes, and keep a running-inventory of what is actually in your closet.   Also, it’s a great excuse to clean out your closet!

Another great app for guys: Bespeak

Bespeak is the personal stylist for men. It totally helps guys to learn what cuts, colors, and patterns work for their body type, height, skin tone, hair color, and eye color.  I downloaded it thinking it was for women and was so impressed I pretended to be a guy just to see how it worked.  That sounded a little weird. I meant to say, I just filled in my info as if I were a guy using the app.  It is so easy to use and immediately after entering your data, the app produces suits, shirts, trouser options and the list goes on and on. Best part; it’s FREE!

 New Fave Website : Look Book

This is a site for die-hard fashionistas looking for daily inspiration for new wardrobe ideas. I just love it. Millions of men and women post their “looks” of the day and you can vote on their looks and follow them if you like their style. It is awesome because the users are from all over the world, so you see what the ‘street style’ trends are from China to Peru! One very famous blogger, actually got her start from this site, maybe you have heard of The Blonde Salad? Yep. She started on LookBook.  Check it out for yourself!

Great Read: Paul Mckenna’s I Can Make You Thin

I Can Make You Thin Paul McKenna
This brit has figured it out.  McKenna has given us a book we can read cover to cover in a couple of hours, which makes him a winner in my book! Then, he tells us we can eat whatever we want as long as we do it slowly, thoughtfully, only when hungry, and stop when we are full! I love him already!!! It takes about two hours to finish the book and his hypnoticCDis included.  You listen to it everyday for two weeks and practice the four golden rules.  It is really great and makes complete sense. I know it takes willpower to give-up dieting, but if you try really hard, you can do it!!
Online $12.00 Local book store $23.00

Last, but certainly not least: Dailyworth


Daily Worth

Great Personal Finance Blog for Women!

I just love the dailyworth low-down! I subscribed and everyday I learn something really easy and applicable to my financial life.  It is for regular women like myself, with all of the common personal financial challenges and concerns I am sure that plague many women.  Check it out, then, send me some of the money I helped you save by telling you about this great little blog, and no. Daily Worth did not provide that financial advice today, but I think it is pretty sound, don’t you?


The Grove

The “Grove” Rangers


The “Grove” Rangers

Yesterday, my brother and I traveled to one of LA’s most fun places- “The Grove.”  It boasts a 14-screen movie theatre, my fave department stores, a giant fresh farmers market open year-round, and restaurants & boutiques galore.

The Grove
The Grove

One place I had never stepped foot inside, was not so surprisingly, The Nike Runners’ Store at The Grove.  Let me just start out with the fact that I absolutely HATE to run- so this would explain why I never wanted to explore the Nike Town world.  I have really been missing out! I love that place! The staff are so incredibly knowledgeable.

Amazing how a simple search for a sock could yield such valuable information! The Nike employee/Marathon runner informed us of the importance of  wearing “safe” socks when running.  After watching his lips move for a while, I decided to start listening and here is what I basically got out of our ten minute convo about socks: they are really important to runners! Their safest sock to go with comes with a pre-assigned “left” and “right” foot. They are more supportive than a girdle, with full built in support, keeping your foot in the “neutral” position through out the entirety of your run lessening the impact on your joints.  The marathon runner/Nike employee told me that the sock should only rub against the shoe, never your foot. If it is rubbing against your foot, it is basically stopping you “dead in your tracks” causing blisters and friction between the movement of your foot and the shoe. So, bottom line, buy the freaking socks if you invest in a shoe over $100.00- the socks are $8.00 a pair and they have all kinds of different heights and cuts.

Nike Dry-Fit Cushion No Show Running Sock $8.00




  • Dri-FIT fabric wicks away moisture to help keep feet dry and comfortable
  • Rib cuffs
  • Left/right-specific to enhance fit
  • Mesh at ankles for breathability
  • Blister Prevention Technology to help reduce irritation and chafing
  • Cushioned terry foot for comfort and shock absorption
  • Fabric: Dri-FIT 78% polyester/21% nylon/1% spandex
  • Machine wash
  • Imported


Nike Runners’ Club Free!


Thanks to Mathis, my brother, an avid runner, I have learned about a little running motivational high-tech piece of equipment- The Nike Plus+.  It syncs to your iphone 4, ipod Touch, Polar Nike Plus heart rate monitor, and 5th generation Nano and tracks your progress as you run.  Imagine the most fancy pedometer on the planet.  You can download the data directly onto Nike’s website to keep “track” of every step you take. Just be sure you purchase the extra attachment to plug in to the nano.  I also fell in love with the wrist band- so cute in hot pink and black and white.

Polar Wearlink+ Transmitter $69.95



Nike Plus+ Wristband $59.00

Nike plus wristband

Nike Plus+




Nike Lunarglide+ 2 Womens Running Shoe $100.00


Drawback: You have to wear the Nike Plus shoe with the little insert to get an exact reading of your running progress- no pun intended. Being that I recently had foot surgery, I am not exactly sure how this works out, so I will have to “run” it by my MD.






When You Want It Your Way

CUSTOM SIZE -Evening,Wedding,Bridesmaid,Gowns,Dresses-More color choice and Styles selection




Bridesmaids package: 2-5 pcs 10%off, 6-10 pcs 15% off

FABRIC: satin, taffeta, chiffon, lace


STYLE: Puff effect needs to wear an underskirt, each underskirt $25

DELIVERY: (3 WEEKS FOR CUSTOM MAKE)Express order takes 10 days, charge more $30.

bridesmaids dresses fun dress

Lacy French Vanilla


This is such a feminine, yet trendy accessory. A beautiful design of lace and soft chiffon, in a rich, taupe color. This accessory is a detachable pendant to wear on a blouse of your choice. Mix it up. Dress it up. Dress it down. It goes with so much. Wool felt has been used in the back to reinforce the design, as well as hand-stitched pins.

beige bows

SoVal Shoe Customization


The Idea: A friend and Valentino inspired me to create fabulous shoe creations. Pictured is a shoe that has been customized beautifully with chiffon material. Each order can be customized in different colors, style’s and material. Each order is customized to the customer’s preference. This pair of beautiful shoes, was customized for Angela in San Francisco, CA.

Soval Shoe Customization

Latte, Shoe Clips


A lovely pair of shoe clips. A satiny creme and brown polka dot design. Rich, warm, feminine and delicate. A darling choice for the coming fall season.

polka dot bows


Interior Designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Interior Designer Martyn Lawrence-Bullard

The interior designer talks TV shows, his growing brand, and relationships with celebrities.
November 09, 2012

World-renowned interior designer and decorator to the stars Martyn Lawrence-Bullard is upping his already skyrocketing status by reprising his role in the hit Bravo TV show Million Dollar Decorators for a second season (premieres Tuesday, November 13 at 10/9 c). In addition to his TV appearance, Bullard shares that he is also filming, producing, and starring in his own design show in England.

His brand, Martyn Lawrence-Bullard Design, is growing, too. Come spring 2013, Lawrence-Bullard will add jewelry and men’s fashion to his line of already-successful rug, furniture, fabric, and candles. You can also expect to see the luxurious Martyn Lawrence-Bullard Design more within the next year, since Bullard recently signed licensing deals with the world’s largest and most famous crystal, tile and bathroom, and tabletop companies. Despite his busy schedule, Lawrence-Bullard made time to share his incredible experiences and stories with us.

Let’s talk about the show. What happens this season—any drama?

MARTYN LAWRENCE-BULLARD: The volume is going to be turned up from last season. I do quite a lot with Mary [McDonald], which didn’t happen last season. She and I travel to India together, and we do a design collaboration for One Kings Lane, and the sales air live during the broadcast of the show. We design kind of an incredible tabletop and [find] holiday gifts and a whole bunch of things; everything is made and filmed in India, so that’s going to be a really wild part of the show. I travel extensively during the show and open up my family to the show a little bit.

How did you manage to incorporate your family?

MLB: I design a pub for my sister in England—an extraordinary18th-century pub that used to be Napoleon’s lover’s home. We show the trials and tribulations of, number one, working with your family, and number two, opening in a timely fashion. It’s really cute because it really shows a part of English culture. The pub is such a part England’s experience, and so interesting that my sister, at the ripe old age of 55, has decided to change her career and open a pub. It’s a completely new vibe. She owned fashion stores before and just decided to completely change paths and do this, so it will all unfold on the show.

Do we see any of the clients from the first season?

MLB: Of course we revisit some of our previous clients on the show this season, and there’s some really fun stuff going on in New York. There’s a whole new experience that goes on with Tamara Mellon—it’s very fashion-centric. I also decorate for the actress who has become very controversial lately, Stacey Dash.

Had the controversy hit at the time you were filming?

MLB: Actually, we filmed about a week before the whole political statement. So, that’s going to be interesting. [This season] there’s a lot of diversity, a lot of big-name celebrities that I cannot reveal to you yet, but it will add to the excitement. All of the cast members will have some really interesting clients this season, and I will be the one traveling everywhere.

You’ve managed to come to America and pave your way as one of AD’s Top 100 in Architecture and Design….

MLB: For the past seven years.

How have you managed to not only make these iconic celebrities your clients, and keep them coming back for more—every party, every home—but also cultivate such close friendships with them?

MLB: I was very lucky. My first client ever was supermodel Cheryl Tiegs. And I was very lucky again—after completing Cheryl’s house, my work ended up on the cover of seven magazines around the world. That house is still being published today, 15 years later. From Cheryl, it went to Rebecca Romijn and John Stamos, to Christina Aguilera, to Edward Norton.

The most important thing: when you’re working with celebrities, sometimes you end up knowing very deep secrets…. It is important [that] you know your boundaries. That’s why I have been so lucky with Elton John. I’ve ended up vacationing with him, I’ve been to all of his homes, flown all over the world to Africa and Hawaii, and same thing with Cher. I am spending Christmas with Ozzie and Sharon [Osbourne] this year. We’ve formulated really wonderful relationships because the design process is very personal, and if you understand how to work within each one of [the clients’] personalities, and respect their privacy, you can form a beautiful friendship.

What are some of the special requests you’ve been involved with, or special ways you’ve been able to be a part of your clients’ lives?

MLB: When you get involved in anyone’s life, people end up going past just, you know, ‘what color fabric should I put on that sofa,’ or ‘should I put drapes on that window,’ and so on. I’ve helped Aaron Sorkin pick out his tuxedo for The Oscars. I’ve had clients have me go with them to Chopard and Harry Winston to help them pick out their jewels to wear to their events. You end up very much styling their lives and very much a part of their lives, and that’s part of the honor of being in this business. Not really being looked at just for interiors—but as a tastemaker, and that’s really the whole excitement of it all for me.

—Abby Fender

Distressed Diva

Rebounding The Recession and Springing Forward

Rebounding The Recession and Springing Forward

October 21, 2014 – by Abby Fender

Distressed Diva


You’re A ‘Working Girl’… Again!
Lately, I have three friends who have actually gotten jobs- good ones! And while they are so excited to have a new ‘lease on life,’ they have one very major concern: What To Wear To The Office?

With the opportunity to jump back on the ‘fast track’ to ‘climbing the corporate ladder’, there is a very real pressure to ‘look the part,’ but… how does one accomplish a professional and polished look on a ‘shoestring’ budget?

Like This!


Throw out the old and keep the basics! Even if you do not think you will wear the boring basics- you will, so do yourself a favor and keep them! We will discuss “Basics” in just a minute.


By pieces and color:

This method is best for the 'Obsessive Closet Diva' - OCD
This method is best for the ‘Obsessive Closet Diva’ – OCD

For example, separate your blouses, skirts, slacks, dresses, T’s, blazers, overcoats, etc. Then color code them all so that you are searching for that ivory silk blouse mixed in with the black polkadotted, short-sleeved button down.

♥Be sure to take the out-of-season items OUT of the closet. The less mess you have the better dressed you will be!

By Pre-Planned and Categorized Outfits:

For example, once you have de-cluttered the closet, collect the remnants and start putting together potential “Working-Girl Get-ups!” Be really creative and try to think outside of the box. Do away with any preconceived notions about the way you have always worn a piece and rather, gather inspiration from magazines, celebs, trends, your mood, etc.

I like to take digital pics of outfits and then load them into my computer and organize them into categories according to “Occasion Appropriateness” i.e.

  • Sales Meeting Daytime

  • Casual Office Fridays

  • Evening Business Dinners

  • Comfy, but not ‘Frumpy’

  • Weekend Wear

This makes it very easy to create an online wardrobe catalogue just for you, and will cut-down on the time you spend every morning picking out outfit after outfit.

By Arranging Sections of Simplified Categories Including:

“Casual/Daytime,” “Office/Professional,” & “Weekend/Date-Night,” but this is not the best way if you are pressed for time to get your closet organized.

Outfit Trick #3: Once You’ve Seen What You Have to Work With, Put it to Work and Figure Out What You Really Need!

Refer to my personal,“Style 1o1 Guide” to Keep You From Wasting Your Money! See below:

STYLE 101: The Guide

Everyone needs great “BASICS”

  • Button-Down Cotton Dress Shirt (White/Blue & White Striped/Pink) Ironed and Starched
  • T-Shirts (long sleeved/Tanks/boat neck/V-neck) in White, Black, Brown, etc.
  • Cardigans (long-sleeve/cotton/knit/short-sleeve) Any color, but I suggest Cream or Black
  • Basic Pencil Skirt in Black/ Colored Denim/Cotton (just make sure it fits!)
  • Great pair of heels in Black and Brown
  • Great pair of flats in Black/Muted Silver or Gold/ and Brown (stick with a classic style)
  • Pair of Black Pants or Black/Dark Denim jeans (Everyone needs at least two styles of jeans)
  • Pair of Dress Slacks that can go with a lot of colors and styles (I always have a great pair of Black Ankle length skinny pants and a wide-legged comfy linen or classic looking Slack to spice up my wardrobe)


  • Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Big Cocktail Rings, and layered Beads with vibrant colors and eccentric details tend to be considered “statement pieces”
  • Belts are the easiest way to turn a plain outfit into a colorful, interesting, and flattering ensemble. You can go bohemian or classic Audrey just by choosing a certain belt.
  • Think Color! Color is the easiest way to punch-up a drab basic black suit. Pair that same suit with red heels and a turquoise belt and you have a real look going.
  • I love to establish looks based on time eras. For example, Bohemian Chic is straight out of the 70′s Woodstock era.
  • Sometimes inspiration will come from one adored statement piece such as an interesting necklace, and then I plan my entire outfit around that central piece or theme.
  • Bags are a simple way to complete a look and add color or style to your ensemble.

Bottom Line: Whether it is a striped boat-neck t-shirt I am in love with, a red patent leather belt, or a great pair of Riding boots, I establish looks based on my “statement pieces,” and I suggest you try it out and have fun with this technique.

A Polished Look from Head-to-Toe is The Desired End Result!

With this being said, think of your hair, nails, toes, and undergarments as basic staples to achieving this “Polished Look.”

Inspiration can come from almost any noun- A great exotic place, A style icon from just about any era, or a film/magazine.

Be Polished-Literally! Schedule appointments for mani/pedi’s every two weeks- this is a must!

Get a great Hair cut and color- whether it is classically beautiful or trendy and chic! Just do not think you are going to get anywhere with frizzed-out hair, dead ends, and a color job with exposed roots!

Never Leave the house without Make-Up and Perfume! You are a girl- it’s okay to look and smell like one! Trust me!

Undergarments are just as important as over garments! Go and get your Spanx, Hosiery, Lingerie, and strapless bras in advance. You will not have time to shop after Monday!

Get Your Clothes Dry-Cleaned in Advance! The minute you need that navy blazer you want it to be as fresh pressed as you are- get er’ done!

Here are some really useful links to help you get that looks you can’t quite afford just yet, but you know what they say, “Fake it til’ You Make It!”

Click Here
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