Interior Designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Interior Designer Martyn Lawrence-Bullard

The interior designer talks TV shows, his growing brand, and relationships with celebrities.
November 09, 2012

World-renowned interior designer and decorator to the stars Martyn Lawrence-Bullard is upping his already skyrocketing status by reprising his role in the hit Bravo TV show Million Dollar Decorators for a second season (premieres Tuesday, November 13 at 10/9 c). In addition to his TV appearance, Bullard shares that he is also filming, producing, and starring in his own design show in England.

His brand, Martyn Lawrence-Bullard Design, is growing, too. Come spring 2013, Lawrence-Bullard will add jewelry and men’s fashion to his line of already-successful rug, furniture, fabric, and candles. You can also expect to see the luxurious Martyn Lawrence-Bullard Design more within the next year, since Bullard recently signed licensing deals with the world’s largest and most famous crystal, tile and bathroom, and tabletop companies. Despite his busy schedule, Lawrence-Bullard made time to share his incredible experiences and stories with us.

Let’s talk about the show. What happens this season—any drama?

MARTYN LAWRENCE-BULLARD: The volume is going to be turned up from last season. I do quite a lot with Mary [McDonald], which didn’t happen last season. She and I travel to India together, and we do a design collaboration for One Kings Lane, and the sales air live during the broadcast of the show. We design kind of an incredible tabletop and [find] holiday gifts and a whole bunch of things; everything is made and filmed in India, so that’s going to be a really wild part of the show. I travel extensively during the show and open up my family to the show a little bit.

How did you manage to incorporate your family?

MLB: I design a pub for my sister in England—an extraordinary18th-century pub that used to be Napoleon’s lover’s home. We show the trials and tribulations of, number one, working with your family, and number two, opening in a timely fashion. It’s really cute because it really shows a part of English culture. The pub is such a part England’s experience, and so interesting that my sister, at the ripe old age of 55, has decided to change her career and open a pub. It’s a completely new vibe. She owned fashion stores before and just decided to completely change paths and do this, so it will all unfold on the show.

Do we see any of the clients from the first season?

MLB: Of course we revisit some of our previous clients on the show this season, and there’s some really fun stuff going on in New York. There’s a whole new experience that goes on with Tamara Mellon—it’s very fashion-centric. I also decorate for the actress who has become very controversial lately, Stacey Dash.

Had the controversy hit at the time you were filming?

MLB: Actually, we filmed about a week before the whole political statement. So, that’s going to be interesting. [This season] there’s a lot of diversity, a lot of big-name celebrities that I cannot reveal to you yet, but it will add to the excitement. All of the cast members will have some really interesting clients this season, and I will be the one traveling everywhere.

You’ve managed to come to America and pave your way as one of AD’s Top 100 in Architecture and Design….

MLB: For the past seven years.

How have you managed to not only make these iconic celebrities your clients, and keep them coming back for more—every party, every home—but also cultivate such close friendships with them?

MLB: I was very lucky. My first client ever was supermodel Cheryl Tiegs. And I was very lucky again—after completing Cheryl’s house, my work ended up on the cover of seven magazines around the world. That house is still being published today, 15 years later. From Cheryl, it went to Rebecca Romijn and John Stamos, to Christina Aguilera, to Edward Norton.

The most important thing: when you’re working with celebrities, sometimes you end up knowing very deep secrets…. It is important [that] you know your boundaries. That’s why I have been so lucky with Elton John. I’ve ended up vacationing with him, I’ve been to all of his homes, flown all over the world to Africa and Hawaii, and same thing with Cher. I am spending Christmas with Ozzie and Sharon [Osbourne] this year. We’ve formulated really wonderful relationships because the design process is very personal, and if you understand how to work within each one of [the clients’] personalities, and respect their privacy, you can form a beautiful friendship.

What are some of the special requests you’ve been involved with, or special ways you’ve been able to be a part of your clients’ lives?

MLB: When you get involved in anyone’s life, people end up going past just, you know, ‘what color fabric should I put on that sofa,’ or ‘should I put drapes on that window,’ and so on. I’ve helped Aaron Sorkin pick out his tuxedo for The Oscars. I’ve had clients have me go with them to Chopard and Harry Winston to help them pick out their jewels to wear to their events. You end up very much styling their lives and very much a part of their lives, and that’s part of the honor of being in this business. Not really being looked at just for interiors—but as a tastemaker, and that’s really the whole excitement of it all for me.

—Abby Fender

Distressed Diva

Rebounding The Recession and Springing Forward

Rebounding The Recession and Springing Forward

October 21, 2014 – by Abby Fender

Distressed Diva


You’re A ‘Working Girl’… Again!
Lately, I have three friends who have actually gotten jobs- good ones! And while they are so excited to have a new ‘lease on life,’ they have one very major concern: What To Wear To The Office?

With the opportunity to jump back on the ‘fast track’ to ‘climbing the corporate ladder’, there is a very real pressure to ‘look the part,’ but… how does one accomplish a professional and polished look on a ‘shoestring’ budget?

Like This!


Throw out the old and keep the basics! Even if you do not think you will wear the boring basics- you will, so do yourself a favor and keep them! We will discuss “Basics” in just a minute.


By pieces and color:

This method is best for the 'Obsessive Closet Diva' - OCD
This method is best for the ‘Obsessive Closet Diva’ – OCD

For example, separate your blouses, skirts, slacks, dresses, T’s, blazers, overcoats, etc. Then color code them all so that you are searching for that ivory silk blouse mixed in with the black polkadotted, short-sleeved button down.

♥Be sure to take the out-of-season items OUT of the closet. The less mess you have the better dressed you will be!

By Pre-Planned and Categorized Outfits:

For example, once you have de-cluttered the closet, collect the remnants and start putting together potential “Working-Girl Get-ups!” Be really creative and try to think outside of the box. Do away with any preconceived notions about the way you have always worn a piece and rather, gather inspiration from magazines, celebs, trends, your mood, etc.

I like to take digital pics of outfits and then load them into my computer and organize them into categories according to “Occasion Appropriateness” i.e.

  • Sales Meeting Daytime

  • Casual Office Fridays

  • Evening Business Dinners

  • Comfy, but not ‘Frumpy’

  • Weekend Wear

This makes it very easy to create an online wardrobe catalogue just for you, and will cut-down on the time you spend every morning picking out outfit after outfit.

By Arranging Sections of Simplified Categories Including:

“Casual/Daytime,” “Office/Professional,” & “Weekend/Date-Night,” but this is not the best way if you are pressed for time to get your closet organized.

Outfit Trick #3: Once You’ve Seen What You Have to Work With, Put it to Work and Figure Out What You Really Need!

Refer to my personal,“Style 1o1 Guide” to Keep You From Wasting Your Money! See below:

STYLE 101: The Guide

Everyone needs great “BASICS”

  • Button-Down Cotton Dress Shirt (White/Blue & White Striped/Pink) Ironed and Starched
  • T-Shirts (long sleeved/Tanks/boat neck/V-neck) in White, Black, Brown, etc.
  • Cardigans (long-sleeve/cotton/knit/short-sleeve) Any color, but I suggest Cream or Black
  • Basic Pencil Skirt in Black/ Colored Denim/Cotton (just make sure it fits!)
  • Great pair of heels in Black and Brown
  • Great pair of flats in Black/Muted Silver or Gold/ and Brown (stick with a classic style)
  • Pair of Black Pants or Black/Dark Denim jeans (Everyone needs at least two styles of jeans)
  • Pair of Dress Slacks that can go with a lot of colors and styles (I always have a great pair of Black Ankle length skinny pants and a wide-legged comfy linen or classic looking Slack to spice up my wardrobe)


  • Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Big Cocktail Rings, and layered Beads with vibrant colors and eccentric details tend to be considered “statement pieces”
  • Belts are the easiest way to turn a plain outfit into a colorful, interesting, and flattering ensemble. You can go bohemian or classic Audrey just by choosing a certain belt.
  • Think Color! Color is the easiest way to punch-up a drab basic black suit. Pair that same suit with red heels and a turquoise belt and you have a real look going.
  • I love to establish looks based on time eras. For example, Bohemian Chic is straight out of the 70′s Woodstock era.
  • Sometimes inspiration will come from one adored statement piece such as an interesting necklace, and then I plan my entire outfit around that central piece or theme.
  • Bags are a simple way to complete a look and add color or style to your ensemble.

Bottom Line: Whether it is a striped boat-neck t-shirt I am in love with, a red patent leather belt, or a great pair of Riding boots, I establish looks based on my “statement pieces,” and I suggest you try it out and have fun with this technique.

A Polished Look from Head-to-Toe is The Desired End Result!

With this being said, think of your hair, nails, toes, and undergarments as basic staples to achieving this “Polished Look.”

Inspiration can come from almost any noun- A great exotic place, A style icon from just about any era, or a film/magazine.

Be Polished-Literally! Schedule appointments for mani/pedi’s every two weeks- this is a must!

Get a great Hair cut and color- whether it is classically beautiful or trendy and chic! Just do not think you are going to get anywhere with frizzed-out hair, dead ends, and a color job with exposed roots!

Never Leave the house without Make-Up and Perfume! You are a girl- it’s okay to look and smell like one! Trust me!

Undergarments are just as important as over garments! Go and get your Spanx, Hosiery, Lingerie, and strapless bras in advance. You will not have time to shop after Monday!

Get Your Clothes Dry-Cleaned in Advance! The minute you need that navy blazer you want it to be as fresh pressed as you are- get er’ done!

Here are some really useful links to help you get that looks you can’t quite afford just yet, but you know what they say, “Fake it til’ You Make It!”

Click Here
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Be Jealous of Zebras

Does Anyone See A Pattern Here?

I love turquoise and if it isn’t turquoise, it’s striped! I never knew myself to be so predictable!  These are two things that I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt, that I will always love.  Now, if I can just figure out how to budget a checkbook!

Greenwhite-stripe-dream-224x300Venti Cup Life
The Green & White Stripe Dream
Photo found on Life In A Venti Cup
Unusually_Unique-300x225http://2.bp.blogspot.com/Unusually Unique
Turquoise Boudoir
Photos found on  http://2.bp.blogspot.com/
Krista Ewart Bathroom
Photo found on Domino Magazine online
Harry Bendels at Home
Photos found on BP Blogspot
yellowHabitually ChicThe-Perfect-SalonThe Perfect SalonPhoto found on Life In A Venti Cup
Skurman1Abby Fender | AbbyFender.com
Skurman Room 1Skurman9My Favorite Skurman Room…Some Day
Photos found on BP Blogspot
Library-of-ColorLibraryofColor- What a “Novel” Idea


Thomas Britt design Greenwich Village Apartment

photo found on Sugarluxe
Another Thomas Britt design in the same NYC APT.
Photo found on Alkemie
Tracey Boss Design Via Dwellers Without Designers – The coolest Bunk-Bed Room Ever!
Photo found on Once Daily Chic
mary_7interior-design-01Interiors by Mary McDonald
Photo found on Interior Design Home Decoration

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A Walk In The Park

A Walk In The Park

Yesterday was day one of the two-day, bi-annual Beverly Hills event, Art In The Park.  Despite the spike in temperatures as the day wore on, there was no denying, this year did not disappoint. I have not attended in several several years, and forgot how much fun it is to go and peruse all of the eclectic and beautiful pieces of art while listening to to the live music and eyeing the food trucks! Today, I discovered a true ‘gem’, Rachel Brown from Missouri. A little over a year ago, Rachel started her painting career and today, she took the show ‘by storm’.  Accompanying her blue ribbon for winning 1st place in watercolor, were quirky and playful depictions of her favorite animals.  Rachel shared the story behind the funny creatures she’s inspired to paint, explaining her childhood growing up in rural Missouri, “We had neighbors all around who happened to have exotic animals.  There were llamas, giraffes, and I just remember peeking at the ostriches as a little girl. You had to be very sneaky because they were often in a bad mood, so I would peer over the fence to catch a glimpse of them before they all ran off. I thought of them, funny as this sounds, as my friends.”  It is quite obvious she has captured each animal’s personality in the beautiful and fun paintings they must be familiar characters.  I could not resist! I bought 2 larger originals of the ostriches, and a little one of a funny llama.  If you did not get to the show today, then visit her online by clicking here!

This is one of my favorite pieces! How funny are these guys? I loved them so much, I purchased two for my apartment!

My favorite artist and winner of this season's 1st place blue ribbon in Watercolor! Rachel Brown Art
My favorite artist and winner of this season’s 1st place blue ribbon in Watercolor!
TigerRachel Brown Art
This was a small original Rachel was sweet enough to give to me, for my brother, who loves leopards,  cheetahs, and tigers!
Ben and his friend! Rachel Brown Art
Here they are!!! Took me a while to choose the perfect frames, but with a little time I found frames I adore!   I love the juxtaposition between the formal frames and the informal subject matter.  I’m having them professionally ‘Time’ framed with UV protected glass sealed to preserve these little birdies, being that Rachel Brown is quickly becoming a ‘household’ name, according to the local framer.
I'm so proud of my very first Rachel Brown original!! "Ben" and I'll have to find out the name of the others.Rachel Brown Art
I’m so proud of my very first Rachel Brown original!! “Ben” and I’ll have to find out the name of the others.
While I always find some of the newest and most innovative artists just starting their careers, I was shocked to see an artist I had purchased three pieces from, literally, a decade ago!  My three pieces sold ten years ago for a total of $200.00 cash! The artist was traveling back to his then home, in Brooklyn, New York and the last thing he wanted to do, was schlep a giant 5’X3′ painting all the way back with him to New York!  So, I was more than happy to take it off of his hands. John Hungha, has now refined his style from primitive watercolors of Japanese Koi to a very stylized airbrush method. To this day, the kois remain to be the ‘crowd pleasers’.  I’ve sent him photos of my originals, to gauge his reaction from seeing his amazing progression over the past decade!  For those of you who did not make it to his booth or are outside of LA, you can check him out online by clicking here!

John Hungha
All three pieces hanging in my hallway.
Watercolor Koi, circa 2003, John HunghaJohn Hungha
Ten years later, the watercolor Kois hang in my hallway, as they have in every apartment over the past ten years. They’ve been through ‘the war'; countless moves, survived black mold in Nashville, and are still hanging in cheap frames, but I love and treasure them everyday!
Lotus Flowers - Acrylic 5X3 on wood panel, John HunghaAbby Fender | AbbyFender.com
Close-up of the pencil outline Hungha used on my painting  from years ago.
John Hungha
Hungha’s original signature, which he uses still today.
Llama Watercolour PRINT - 8x10 Art Print, Heart Shaped Glasses, Llama Illustration


Masterpieces For The Paupered Princess!

Looking for Affordable Art?

So, obviously, we all love art, but cannot always afford it. Check out these awesome artists and their products offered online!


Look At These Little Gems! 

(click on link for purchasing information)

Gem + Mineral Greeting Cards, Boxed Set of 8 $18.00IdleWildCo.
Gem + Mineral Greeting Cards, Boxed Set of 8

This boxed set of eight cards & envelopes features four unique gemstones illustrated in brilliant watercolor. You’ll get two of each design, ready for stylish correspondence or framed as miniature art prints.

  •  Heavy, matte eggshell stock
  •  Blank Inside
  •  4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″
  • Paired with matching envelope
  • Convo us for combined shipping on multiple sets.

Our greeting cards are made with 100% recycled materials, printed locally & assembled by hand in our studio.

*Free shipping to domestic US addresses only.

 Llama Love You Long Time!

Llama Watercolour PRINT - 8x10 Art Print, Heart Shaped Glasses, Llama Illustration $16.48WaterInMyPaint
Llama Watercolour PRINT – 8×10 Art Print, Heart Shaped Glasses, Llama Illustration
The artist’s description is below and she seems to have a real affinity for the lovely llama, and who can blame her, I love llama long time too!

Title: Looking at the World With Love

If I had the space in my backyard I’d get a llama. They seem like such happy, friendly creatures. I’d buy my backyard llama a pair of heart shaped glasses and he’d wear them every day.

This listing is for a PRINT. It may not be an original watercolor illustration, but it’s a very high quality print and looks very similar to an original.

Paper Size: 8×10 (20cm x 25cm) Image Size: 6.25 x 9.5 (15.5cm x 24cm) This llama is also available in a 5×7 and 11×14 print.

We Are Family

An original watercolor illustration HALF BODY. Ask a Question $40.00BameeMotions
An original watercolor illustration HALF BODY.
 Below is the artist’s description with a detailed shipping and procedures policy outline. (and the policy is no joke) When I came across this awesome new-age way to capture the family portrait, after chuckling to myself a bit, because of the diverse and cute family pictured above, I thought, “I love it!” The artist is from Thailand, which makes it even more special!

+these family illustrations above are samples+

An Original watercolor Illustration of you paint by handpaint. Nice for frame, hang on wall, special art gift for special one , family, babies , lover , best friend.


1. An original watercolor illustration of you. SIZE 8″x10″ inch. *AN Original watercolor paint on 300 g/m2 fabriano artistico extra white : grana grossa rough.paint with winson and newton professional color.

2. digital file ready to print :) 8″x10″ +


1. You send me photos of people that you want to make illustration.


3. I create the illustration to your specification.

4. I will send you sketches of your illustration by pencil that you will see sample before i paint by watercolor. (comment sketch with in 24 hours)

5.I will digitally send you a JPEG of the finished piece for approve.

6. I will pack each original piece very carefully to assure it’s safe arrival. *** payment required before run a project.*** Urgent work please convo me.


NORMAL SHIPPING time take 20 days .It safe but please note that delivery time take around 20 – 30 days. If package return to me because wrong address or unclaimed, buyer will pay for return package 10 usd.

 EXPRESS SHIPPING safer and faster delivery time take 5 -7 days. Shipping price depend on your country. Please convo me for your shipping price .

This is an Illustration ‘on demand’ service which you are purchasing from me. Prices might WELL change from listing fee from many reasons like size, add more people + shipping cost but we can discuss that before any payment is made. ************************************************************** Copyright © Tippmas Srisilpanundana. All rights reserved


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Top Button (tells you where the sample sales are for your area)

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Daily Candy (just great for both LA and NY)Join their blog

Bad Joan (tells all about underground samples happening downtown)

Style.com (Know what it is you want before you go downtown to knock-off the look) At least, that’s what I do, and it is a lot cheaper than buying all the mags

Shop It To Me (tailors the sale items by brand and your personal preference)

Pop Sugar (A new blog similar to Daily Candy)

The Daily Truffle (A blog started by these two elite Beverly Hills snobs who seem to be like the walking talking black book of LA- they tell you the best of the best for specific items and services.)

Off The Rack (great discount source)

Ebay (check out the stores for indi retailers)

Amazon (you can find any beauty product for half the price on this site as well as books!)

Gomatta Girls


WH Sale (all the warehouse sales in New York and in Los Angeles)

The Budget Fashionista


Cooper Design Space

Sample Sale

Style Bakery


The Surprise Store

Editors Closet

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For The Love of Lashes

For The Love of Lashes


Everyone is digging these amazing new products to get those peepers popping! No one really minds spending $100-$200.00 a month for the ability to ‘bash’ those lashes in full affect. But, are we really being given the information we need to determine if the product is even safe or effective? If you are like myself, probably not, since all we care about these days is instant gratification.

Last week, I had the pleasure of sitting-in on an employee training session at Naime’s Beauty Supply in Los Angeles.  I was just about to leave the store and this really cute guy asked me if I would like to sit-in on their presentation to learn a bit about lashes, and how could I refuse? So, he was actually the sales rep for neuLash™.  Of course, I was skeptical being that the information was coming from a biased source, but they allowed me to grill them and had some pretty interesting information to share.

I have had eyelash extensions in the past, and they just fall off and irritate my eyes after spending $150-$300.00! So, I was considering asking my doctor for a prescription of Latisse™.  After all, I do love Brooke Shields and anything she does I am willing to try! BUT NOT NOW! I found out that Latisse is a very dangerous product. It was originally used to treat patients with Glaucoma, but they discovered that patients were actually experiencing hair growth around the eye area, particularly the lash line. So, instead of going back and re-formulating the product for a more suitable and safe applicator with a thicker consistency, they just decided to continue distributing the product via medical prescriptions, which added to the appeal.

If your doctor says it’s safe, it must be safe, right? Wrong. People with light-colored eyes, basically any color other than brown, are at risk for permanent brown stains on their irises! Not only that, but Latisse™ does not have any type of preservative, so it requires you to use a new applicator to apply the nearly liquid drippy substance on the top lid of your lash line everyday. Women do not realize the danger of the drippy formula. Well, I am here to tell you! That drippy formula was not intended for the outside of your eye in the first place. It seeps into the corners of your eyes when you sleep and actually can cause accidental hair growth on the inside and outside corners of your eyes! The rep told me that he had one client who used to have her facialist pluck the inner corners of her eyes due to this very side effect. Not good. Also, if you accidentally let any of the formula drip down the side of your face, it will actually cause hair growth in the very place in dripped. How would you like a permanent harry tear line down your face? That would be oh so cute! I was shocked and it takes a lot to shock me, as I love to try everything when it comes to beauty products, surgeries, any thing to improve what you already have is awesome, right?  So, I thought, if these people are going to shoot down Latisse™, a well-known, highly popular drug, prescribed every single day, they better have a strong supporting argument.

The reps explained that neuLash™ is not a drug- it is a cosmetic, meaning it did not have to be approved by the FDA, however the makers of neuLash™ went ahead and performed laboratory testing to meet FDA standards. The consistency is much thicker, so it stays in place, and it does not cause any harmful side affects like discoloration of the iris or dark circles around the lids. You only have to use it for 6 weeks and the product lasts for two years. Also, you can use it on your lower and upper lashes as well as your eyebrows! Now, how great is that? I wanted to know about their preservatives, as we all are discovering most preservatives aren’t good for your body and could even cause cancer! They are all natural preservatives and have been tested and approved! Whew! Now let’s discuss the bottom line, shall we? Latisse™ costs a fortune every month and neuLash is $180.00 for the large bottle exclusively sold at Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. If you want to purchase the smaller bottle, you can through neuLash’s website, but you will end-up paying $150.00 for half the amount of neuLash™, so you might as well get twice as much and spend a little bit more.  The larger size is only available at Neiman’s and Saks.  Here is a list of benefits straight from their website if you are wondering, so check it out ladies and men!

PS: The female rep had the thickest, longest lashes I think I have ever seen and she did not have an ounce of mascara on! She said she has to trim her upper lashes because they get so long!! That is what I am talking about!

Check it out at http://www.neulash.com

and purchase online at www.NeimanMarcus.com or www.saksfifthavenue.com

neuLash™ Safety Assessment

  • Safety/regulatory status in the US and the European Union – APPROVED
  • Consumer Skin Sensitization Patch Study – PASSED
  • Ophthalmologist Eye Irritation Potential Study  PASSED
  • All ingredients have been successfully marketed to consumers in the US and/or Internationally.
  • Cruelty – Free
  • Paraben – Free

Flash those Lovely Lashes Ladies!

Abby Fender- Your Bargain Buddy and Personal Shopping Material Girl!




The World Traveler Chick

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