Time Magazine’s Top 10 List of Everything for the 2014 Year End!

Time Magazine December 2014

From ‘The Top 10 Worst and Best Songs’ to ‘The Top Ten Best Apps & Selfies’, which both involve Kim Kardashian, by the way, Time Magazine has not given up the tried and true tradition of delivering the ‘Top Ten Everything’ list of 2014, and I promise, this year’s list does not disappoint.

Hendo Hoverboard  $10,000.00

Hendo Hoverboard $10,000.00

And, it looks as though “Back To The Future”, has finally arrived. An actual hoverboard, (also featured in the Magazine this month) by the company Hendo Hoverboard has been developed.  At $10,000.00 a pop, that hoverboard better take me back to the 1800’s with Marty McFly! Read all about the Top 25 Inventions in Time Magazine’s December 2014 Round-Up Issue!


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It’s Time To Fall all over ourselves over Fall Fashion!!!

It’s Time To Fall all over ourselves over Fall Fashion!!!


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My Favorite Vintage Clothing Sources Online & Los Angeles!


1. Shareen Vintage Downtown

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Shareen Mitchell, owner of Shareen Vintage Downtown, has become a pretty well-known secret among local stylists, celebs, and L.A. local fashionistas, but beyond that- not too many people know about her amazing vintage finds.  Shareen is more than vintage- she follows fashion and trends, and will slightly modify the clothing to mirror the runway trends while still keeping the vintage integrity.  What I absolutely love about this place is that you will never see two of any piece.  Every item I have purchased at Shareen’s has been a unique amazing piece I never want to get rid of and I always get compliments when I wear Shareen! The absolute best part about it- I have never seen a dress priced over $100.00.  She keeps it affordable and fun.  It’s not fun to shop and then feel guilty about the money you spent on clothes you cannot afford. Wear a slip or leotard if you are shy, because there are no dressing rooms, and get there early! Girls are usually lined up at the door by 9:30 AM Saturday morning.  Most importantly, have fun!!! Say hi to Shareen and let her style you as she has an amazing eye and worked at Vogue Magazine for years. She is one of the most talented stylists in the city, so take advantage if you get the opportunity.

1721 North Spring Street  Los Angeles, CA 90012
(323) 276-6226

For more info check out my Resource Rolodex

2. Sydney Curtis – Aireheart Jewelry

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Sydney Curtis has been in fashion forever! She is the epitome of the glamorous old Hollywood used to be, and grew up in a very Hollywood household.  What does that mean to those of us who, well, grew up in a place like Tyler, TX? Think of those old black and white movies MGM used to produce, where the women’s clothing was gorgeous at all times and the men were always tall, dark, and handsome! Sydney’s collections seem to always directly reflect her childhood growing up in glitz and glam of the Hollywood days.  I like to think of her pieces as Coco Chanel Vintage. I own several Sydney pieces and I wear them with jeans and a blazer as well as black tie gowns.  She is so incredibly talented and her jewelry is like no other.  She designs them and has them assembled and before you know it, they are on display in her pied de terre ready to take home in the vintage Cartier leather boxes.  Ugh! I wish I could go shopping right now!

Schedule your appointment with Sydney by contacting her via facebook

3. Decades

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8214 Melrose Avenue  Los Angeles, CA 90046(323) 655-1960

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This place is amazing. I decided I needed to treat myself last night around 8:30 PM after a long exhausting day at work, and it dawned on me that The Wilshire Spa was open 24 hours. I called them and asked if they could schedule a massage for me at 9:00PM and they were happy to accommodate  me for the service and any other services I requested.


I rushed over to Korea town and thought, ‘am I nuts going to a Korean spa at 9:00PM on a Saturday night?’  Well, maybe I was, but my craziness paid off! I arrived and was given a plastic basket, my wrist band with the electronic key, a robe, and two towels.  I like to go a little bit early to enjoy the sauna or steam room prior to my massage.  Here is a little disclaimer- if you are bashful in the least, The Wilshire Spa might not be the place for you as ‘Birthday suits’ are the only suits allowed; nudity is pretty much a requirement.


$20.00 allows you unlimited access to all of the facility’s amenities, and for $55.00, you get all of the above in addition to a full hour massage that is out of this world!   Also, the men’s and women’s spas are in two separate facilities, and the staff is very professional.  Plus, you have the robe and towels to keep you covered.


My massage was amazing.  Granted the women do not really speak English, but they will let you know when to roll over, sit up, or stay- not like a dog.  Anyhow, you start out face-down and she covers you with a towel. Then removes the towel and covers your entire body with loads of hot oil.  I had not remembered her climbing on top of the table the last time I visited, but that was two years ago.  She uses her body weight to massage your back and shoulders. What I cannot figure out is how she balances as the tables are covered in plastic and the hot oil is very slippery.  I guess they have their way.  So, for a good 30 minutes she works on your legs, feet, hands, arms, back, buttocks…well you get the picture.  Then it is time to roll over.  She covers your “secret” with a towel and then massages your entire front including your chest- another disclaimer.  Just pretend you are French and that it is totally normal, and you will be fine.  My favorite part is the cucumber face mask.  She massages your face first with cooled lotion and wraps your hair in a towel. Then, proceeds to cover every inch of your face with actual mashed up cucumbers that feel amazing on your face as they are ice cold and very refreshing.  She wraps a towel over the mask while she then massages your scalp and then washes your hair.  The last step is the milk bath.  She removes the mask, ties your hair, and then covers you in warmed milk. She has you sit-up and pours some in your hands to apply to your face.  It was at this point I had to ask what the white stuff was, and she responded “milk.” Well, whatever, it does a body good I guess.  At this point she tells you to go shower and your skin feels amazingly soft and your body completely refreshed.


For more information, visit their website and enjoy The Wilshire Spa!


-Abby Fender



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