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StyleBook will keep you Stylin’

Check out this really cool app called “Style Book.”  It is the closest thing you will get to having “Cher’s” computerized closet in Clueless.  You take pictures of your shoes, trousers, jewelry, belts, etc., and then the app allows you to erase the background leaving only the garment. It categorizes each item and stores it in your phone for all of your future wardrobe inventory needs.  You can create outfits in minutes, and keep a running-inventory of what is actually in your closet.   Also, it’s a great excuse to clean out your closet!

Another great app for guys: Bespeak

Bespeak is the personal stylist for men. It totally helps guys to learn what cuts, colors, and patterns work for their body type, height, skin tone, hair color, and eye color.  I downloaded it thinking it was for women and was so impressed I pretended to be a guy just to see how it worked.  That sounded a little weird. I meant to say, I just filled in my info as if I were a guy using the app.  It is so easy to use and immediately after entering your data, the app produces suits, shirts, trouser options and the list goes on and on. Best part; it’s FREE!

 New Fave Website : Look Book

This is a site for die-hard fashionistas looking for daily inspiration for new wardrobe ideas. I just love it. Millions of men and women post their “looks” of the day and you can vote on their looks and follow them if you like their style. It is awesome because the users are from all over the world, so you see what the ‘street style’ trends are from China to Peru! One very famous blogger, actually got her start from this site, maybe you have heard of The Blonde Salad? Yep. She started on LookBook.  Check it out for yourself!

Great Read: Paul Mckenna’s I Can Make You Thin

[media-credit name=”Paul McKenna” align=”alignnone” width=”149″]I Can Make You Thin [/media-credit]This brit has figured it out.  McKenna has given us a book we can read cover to cover in a couple of hours, which makes him a winner in my book! Then, he tells us we can eat whatever we want as long as we do it slowly, thoughtfully, only when hungry, and stop when we are full! I love him already!!! It takes about two hours to finish the book and his hypnoticCDis included.  You listen to it everyday for two weeks and practice the four golden rules.  It is really great and makes complete sense. I know it takes willpower to give-up dieting, but if you try really hard, you can do it!!

Online $12.00 Local book store $23.00

Last, but certainly not least: Dailyworth


Daily Worth

Great Personal Finance Blog for Women!

I just love the dailyworth low-down! I subscribed and everyday I learn something really easy and applicable to my financial life.  It is for regular women like myself, with all of the common personal financial challenges and concerns I am sure that plague many women.  Check it out, then, send me some of the money I helped you save by telling you about this great little blog, and no. Daily Worth did not provide that financial advice today, but I think it is pretty sound, don’t you?


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