The “Grove” Rangers


The “Grove” Rangers

Yesterday, my brother and I traveled to one of LA’s most fun places- “The Grove.”  It boasts a 14-screen movie theatre, my fave department stores, a giant fresh farmers market open year-round, and restaurants & boutiques galore.

The Grove
The Grove

One place I had never stepped foot inside, was not so surprisingly, The Nike Runners’ Store at The Grove.  Let me just start out with the fact that I absolutely HATE to run- so this would explain why I never wanted to explore the Nike Town world.  I have really been missing out! I love that place! The staff are so incredibly knowledgeable.

Amazing how a simple search for a sock could yield such valuable information! The Nike employee/Marathon runner informed us of the importance of  wearing “safe” socks when running.  After watching his lips move for a while, I decided to start listening and here is what I basically got out of our ten minute convo about socks: they are really important to runners! Their safest sock to go with comes with a pre-assigned “left” and “right” foot. They are more supportive than a girdle, with full built in support, keeping your foot in the “neutral” position through out the entirety of your run lessening the impact on your joints.  The marathon runner/Nike employee told me that the sock should only rub against the shoe, never your foot. If it is rubbing against your foot, it is basically stopping you “dead in your tracks” causing blisters and friction between the movement of your foot and the shoe. So, bottom line, buy the freaking socks if you invest in a shoe over $100.00- the socks are $8.00 a pair and they have all kinds of different heights and cuts.

Nike Dry-Fit Cushion No Show Running Sock $8.00




  • Dri-FIT fabric wicks away moisture to help keep feet dry and comfortable
  • Rib cuffs
  • Left/right-specific to enhance fit
  • Mesh at ankles for breathability
  • Blister Prevention Technology to help reduce irritation and chafing
  • Cushioned terry foot for comfort and shock absorption
  • Fabric: Dri-FIT 78% polyester/21% nylon/1% spandex
  • Machine wash
  • Imported


Nike Runners’ Club Free!


Thanks to Mathis, my brother, an avid runner, I have learned about a little running motivational high-tech piece of equipment- The Nike Plus+.  It syncs to your iphone 4, ipod Touch, Polar Nike Plus heart rate monitor, and 5th generation Nano and tracks your progress as you run.  Imagine the most fancy pedometer on the planet.  You can download the data directly onto Nike’s website to keep “track” of every step you take. Just be sure you purchase the extra attachment to plug in to the nano.  I also fell in love with the wrist band- so cute in hot pink and black and white.

Polar Wearlink+ Transmitter $69.95



Nike Plus+ Wristband $59.00

Nike plus wristband

Nike Plus+




Nike Lunarglide+ 2 Womens Running Shoe $100.00


Drawback: You have to wear the Nike Plus shoe with the little insert to get an exact reading of your running progress- no pun intended. Being that I recently had foot surgery, I am not exactly sure how this works out, so I will have to “run” it by my MD.





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