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Today I thought I would share my favorite beauty products that I am using.  I am not a huge beauty guru, but when I find something great I feel the need to share it’s greatness with the world.   So, here are this week’s winners:

Aubrey Organics Rosa Mosqueta hand and body lotion

Dr. Aubrey's Rosa Mosqueta
Dr. Aubrey’s Rosa Mosqueta

Why I love this product: The price -$12.95 per 8 oz. bottle- you cannot beat that!

Also, the fact that it is absolutely the best smelling lotion resembling a light rose scent similar to Chanel’s rose scented blushes, and it’s completely organic.  The creator, Aubrey Hampton, committed himself to making a lot of industry “firsts” when manufacturing his line of organic skin care products. He claims, and has proven in demonstrations, that the lotion is completely edible! While I do not recommend you eating the lotion, he wants consumers to know that it is not only safe for your body to absorb, but also completely natural.

Aubrey Organics Rosa Mosqueta Hand and Body Lotion $12.95

available at Whole Foods grocery stores nation-wide or online at


Oxygenetics Foundation
Oxygenetics Foundation

Why I love this product: This product is so exclusive it was given to celebs at this year’s Sundance Film Festival in every “swag bag,” not that that means anything, but it happens to be a great product! It is a foundation that not only provides weightless coverage, and I mean weightless, but it also acts as a cure-all to acne, fine lines, and wrinkles.  Cutting-edge technology utilizing oxygen, of all things, heals your skin and restores it to its original condition while you wear it.  It really is the “fountain of youth.” Unfortunately, as of right now, it is only available through a select few websites and your dermatologist. I recommend getting the product through your dermatologist if possible, because he or she will be sure to match the foundation to your exact skin tone.  Here is the best part of this product, it is only $66.00 for a big bottle!  Also, it has SPF 25, and whether or not you believe in Global Warming, your skin is exposed to harmful rays everyday.

Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation SPF 25, 15ml $66.00

Tarte Cosmetics Natural Cheek Stain

Tarte Cheek Stain
Tarte Cheek Stain

Why I love this product: It’s my “life saver.” If I am running late to a meeting, which is usually the case, I rely on my Tarte Cheek stain and prefer the shade “Full Blossom” to bring me back from the grave.  I apply it to my lips and cheeks as it is completely organic and designed for use on both. It gives me that natural blushed look and makes my eyes pop.  Another great reason to invest in this miracle stick is the great return on your investment. I have had the same stick for over 5 months now and it looks like I have at least 4 more months to go! I use this product every single day and it is an absolute staple to my daily “face-painting” routine.

Tarte “Eco-Chic” Cheek Stain $30.00

Available at Sephora stores nationwide as well as online at

Lorac Double Feature Paraben-Free Concealer/Highlighter

Highlighter and Concealer in one!
Highlighter and Concealer in one!

Why I love this product: I think this product is the best highlighter on the market. I have tried so many products that are similar, but this product contains a concealer stick, roller ball on the tip to blend, and (my personal favorite) the flesh-colored liquid highlighter. Honestly, I only use the highlighter, by applying a dab on the inside corners of my eyes, directly under the brow bone, and to obtain that nice dewy glow, on the top of my cheek bones.  Unlike other highlighters, it is subtle and natural, where other products seem so obvious and harsh.  I have had the same tube since April, and I think I can probably squeeze another month or so out of it, so for the money, it is well worth it! I also have to add, for those who do not know, Parabens cause cancer and are found in many common department store cosmetic lines, but not in this product, which is really great being that I use it everyday.

Lorac Double Feature

Paraben-Free Concealer/Highlighter $24.00

Available online at or Sephora stores nationwide

Amore-Pacific Organic Skin Line

Why I love this product: This is a new product for me, being that I have only been using the line for about two weeks. However, I have already noticed quite a difference in my skin.  I am weird in that I have a strange aversion to washing my face because I hate water running down my arms and getting everywhere, so I have used cleansing towelettes for years, no moisturizer, no toner, basically- I have ignored my skin for fear of breaking out and irrational fears of water running a muck! So, now that I am 31 years old, and have noticed lines written all over my face as evidence of years of ignoring my skin, I am ditching my go-to Accutane and cleansing wipes, and have committed to sticking with a skin care line and actually using it! I am currently using their Enzyme Peel three times a week which is cool because it is pre-measured and does not burn your skin.  I also use the towelettes at night- to avoid the water issue, and then follow it up with the toner. Now, I know this seems like a lot, but if I can do it, anyone can do it.  Then, I use the age defying moisturizer and eye cream for my eyes and lips! I understand now, why it is so important to take care of your skin and the difference a great skin care line can make in the health and appearance of your skin.  This product is organic and the main ingredient is green tea, which is grown and harvested on farms owned by  Amore-Pacific.   This may seem like a lot of information, but this product deserves the attention! I cannot believe the difference in my skin, thank you Amore-Pacific.

Warning– it is not cheap but it lasts forever and it is great!

Available online at and Neiman Marcus stores nationwide.Price available upon request, but don’t ask. It will only shock you! See maybe if I say this you’ll think it’s like in the thousands and be pleasantly surprised!

The Yellow Bird Hair-Blow Dryer

Yellow Bird Hair Dryer
Yellow Bird Hair Dryer

Why I love this product:  I have purchased many hair blow dryers over the years, but I have yet to find one that matches the performance of The Yellow Bird! I just love it. I have really long hair but a short amount of time to dry it, so I always have time to have freshly washed hair and make it to where ever I am going on-time with The Yellow Bird’s help. The most fun product they make is “The Baby Bird.” It is just as powerful, but tiny, so it is just perfect for traveling- especially now that you have to purchase your luggage a ticket to ride! The cheapest place to purchase is actually online!

The Yellow Bird Hair-Blow Dryer

Available for only $21.99

ModelCo Tan Airbrush In A Can

ModelCo  Airbrush Tan In A Can
ModelCo Airbrush Tan In A Can

Why I Love This Product:  I don’t know about you, but I am so sick of having to go to the tanning salon and get sprayed by a total stranger.  For a quick pick-me-up without having to leave the house, try Tan Airbrush In A Can, and tell me you do not LOVE the stuff after the first time! I also have the smaller can for the face.  It is just so natural and easy to apply.  It will add maybe 2 extra minutes to your daily routine and it actually smells descent, like coconuts.  The price is so-so, meaning, it is a little bit more than I would want to spend, but then again, I live for a bargain! To extend the life of this little secret weapon, I just use a small amount on my chest, neck, and cheek bones. If you apply lotion prior to applying, it will actually go on smoother and you can rub it in with your hand. Be sure to immediately wash your palms after applying! If not, you will learn the hard way.

ModelCo Tan Airbrush In A Can

Available nation-wide at all Sephora stores as well as various online retailers including: $30.00

Rene Furterer Paris Naturia Dry Shampoo

Rene Furterer Naturia Dry Shampoo
Rene Furterer Naturia Dry Shampoo

Why I Love This Product:  The little green bottle is an item I absolutely cannot live without. I have very fine hair, and while I could and possibly should wash it every day, I choose not to thanks to Furterer.  I have used several dry shampoo brands, but this particular one actually gives you great hair days after two, three, even four days after initially washing!  It seems like hair that is freshly washed, never really does what you want unless you just get really lucky, but this stuff gives you Cindy Crawford hair with less work than if you washed and styled it daily.  Imagine that?! They recently released the tiny travel bottles and hair spray, which is really convenient not only for the plane, but also to throw in your purse.  It smells great too and is nourishing to your hair as well. It is expensive, but it is “worth it’s weight in gold!”

Rene Furterer Paris Dry Shampoo

Available though all Sephora stores nation-wide also online at:  or for the cheapest price  $19.50-$23.99

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