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About The Site!

I am Abby Fender and I started this blog about eight years ago.  In the beginning, blogging was simply something I enjoyed doing and a way I could share all of the awesome products and places I was finding via magazines, online, and just through my own exploration of new cities. As one can imagine, a lot changes between ages 25 and 33 and I am no exception.  I have transitioned from a struggling country artist living in Nashville, TN, to a professional Entertainment News Reporter [still struggling] freelancing for national digital and print publications you probably consider ‘guilty pleasures’ you purchase or read while standing in line at the grocery store, to moving to San Diego and starting completely over from scratch, again! I am now following my passion, studying Interior Design at The Design Institute of San Diego and I love it! This blog, much like my life, will continue to evolve and transform, however I can guarantee, you will like the content, well, that is my hope! 

A Little Bit About Me

  After sticking it out in Nashville for a couple of years, I finally decided I could move forward with other dreams and goals without feeling I had anything to regret, so in 2009 I moved back to Los Angeles.

Singing at The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, TN.

 I worked as a stylist for a little while after working at Neiman Marcus in the couture department, and then somehow, fell into the crazy world of Entertainment News journalism, reporting on all of your favorite Hollywood ‘A-listers’.  

Interviewing Minnie Driver at The PS Arts Bag Luncheon 2013 for Elle.com 

I now live a much calmer life, as I am following the passion that led me to start this blog in the first place, Interior Design! I am working towards my second bachelors degree, and starting at ‘the bottom’ working in any area of design I possibly can, hoping to one day mix my love of publishing with my love of interiors! 

Yes. This is Kristen Stewart flipping me off in a Van Nuys parking garage. I do not miss these days.


Even though my career has changed quite drastically, my love and passion for all things beautiful and innovative has not.  I still live for ‘the deal’ and will never ever stop searching out hidden ‘gems’ and ‘hot spots’ to share with you guys.

So, for those of you who followed my former blog, MyHauteSpots.com, do not worry, the goal is the same, the content will be in the same vein, I just hope to deliver higher quality content versus higher quantity.  I would appreciate any input you all may be able to offer and topics suggestions are absolutely welcomed!  If you want to know where to eat while visiting Laos in December, I will research it and get a list of high and low budget restaurants to try from Laotian friends, or if you have no idea where to get your vintage Givenchy gown restored, I will find you the best tailor to send it to ensuring the job gets done right the first time.  Or, if you just want to speak your voice, feel free to comment! This is America- get on your ‘soapbox’ and let ‘er Rip!

Who Am I?

I am originally from East Texas, Tyler to be exact, and I grew up there until I was about 12 years old. I moved to New York to pursue a dream of acting, singing, and dancing.  My mother schlepped my brother and I around the city rushing us to auditions, lessons, and sacrificed time away from my father to give us opportunities beyond my wildest dreams. 


I attended Pepperdine University and majored in Integrated Communications and Marketing.  During my time at Pepperdine, I had the opportunity to study abroad attending the Florence, Italy program, which ignited the ‘artist’ in me more than ever!  Maybe a little too much, but I have no regrets on my purchases in Italy- they were ‘investments’, which I still treasure today.  A gorgeous white leather handmade bag from Siena, a city known for its amazing leather goods and craftsmanship, my first trip to Zara (before they had stores in the states), and my first Prada purchase- a green, plastic, chain-link belt with brown leather detail (on sale of course).  I graduated in 07′ after spending a summer in Buenos Aires to finish my remaining Spanish credits.  It was another great opportunity to see other cultures and learn about interesting fashions and design in general.   

Blog Inspiration:

Interior Featured in Domino Magazine

Domino Magazine was and is still one of my favorite magazines to this day and is a huge inspiration to why I started the blog six years ago. I would wait for the magazine to come in the mail each month and when it did, I would allow a good two or three hours to comb through the pages making notes of products, cutting out articles, visiting websites, and reading their online blog.  I just knew I was going to work for the magazine someday. I did not know when or how, but I just knew I loved EVERYTHING it was about and would do anything to work for such a publication.  When Domino had to close its doors in 2009, I started receiving lots of different magazines in its place.  This was great too, because I still read them with the same ridiculous dedication.  I loved something about all of them.  I love the blog recommendations, the fashion styles recommended, the gift ideas.  One year, I used sources from just one magazine alone to source all of my Christmas gifts, online! It was the easiest Christmas shopping I had ever done and everyone loved their gifts.  When Domino re-launched, I was thrilled, but thankfully, I have learned to love other publications.  Deborah Needleman has since moved to other publications and there is only one Deborah Needleman. She is an idol of mine and for those of you who aren’t familiar, she is the former editor and chief of Domino Magazine and Author of the Domino Decorating Guide!


My Goal:

I aim to deliver the same amazing diverse content in this one blog as found in the numerous magazines you buy on the stands.  Everything from travel, to fashion, to health and beauty features, to cool new gadgets, will be featured! The only subject I avoid like the plague is Entertainment news.  This is only because I am constantly having to report on Entertainment news for work every single day, and it is a conflict of interest.

 I want you to visit the site and know that you will go away with great ideas, inspiration, solutions, and accurate and thought provoking information on a wide range of topics, because time is the most valuable commodity we have and we never seem to have enough of it these days. I hope you enjoy the blog and please feel free to contact me anytime at Abby@AbbyFender.com and I will respond to you ASAP!


Abby Fender


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