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‘We share a lot of the same defects.’


“A lot of the times, the parent is just as sick as the kid, if not more sick.”

by Abby Fender

When Mike Ness founded the band Social Distortion some 35 years ago, he revolutionized punk rock music. Many fans love his distinct and powerful voice and will tell you that he is a symbol of strength and courage to them; his songs are their anthems and his lyrics are their prayers.

For Ness, now 52, music afforded him amazing opportunities, including playing with fellow rock legend, Bruce Springsteen.  But, success does have its price, and it is safe to say, Ness has paid in more ways than one.  When he was kicked out of home at 15-years old, Ness turned to music, rock, drugs and rebellion, eventually leading to a serious heroin addiction that left him shooting up on the streets of Hollywood.

Ness was able to get sober, only to find himself confronting the same issues many years later when his oldest son Julian, now 23, became addicted to drugs.

Here is how their family has survived and thrived, despite addiction.

Renew: Having a baby when you’re an addict is scary, wondering if you’ll pass your disease along. To make fatherhood even more frightening, you had already lost a child, Mike. What was it like, becoming a father amid all of those fears?

MN: “Well, we had a lot of obstacles, because when Julian was born. His mother and I were not together, and I had just recently buried a baby, who died. She was born with cancer and then it went into remission.  When she was four, it came back, and she passed away.             [Julian’s] mother and I were not in love when Julian was born.  We had kind of done things backwards, but as time went on, I became a part of their life. I started coming around when Julian was three… His mom had devoted her life to him.  They lived in this really cozy apartment, and I started realizing how good that felt, and how much I really wanted that.  Eventually, I moved down, and we became a family.”

Renew: “So Julian, what’s your earliest memory of your dad?  Your best memory?”

JN: “It would have to be when I was about three or four…”

MN: “I think you were three.  We used to go to this car show up in Paso Robles. They shut down the whole town and they have a parade.  Julian was in the front seat, and he would wave and I remember all of the townspeople and Julian waving saying, ‘hi people, hi little baby’.”

Renew: Julian, your dad got sober before he had you, but you still became an addict. When did you begin using?

JN: “Sometimes, I go back and forth, because I feel like I was an alcoholic addict before I even touched drugs, and other times I feel like it was adolescence.  I think it was ego.  I didn’t want to go to school.  I didn’t want to get good grades.  I felt like it was lame.  I wanted to skateboard and surf, so, that’s what I did, and my grades started to go down.

We were having some issues at our house.  There was a lot of tension between my dad and I, just getting along and stuff. We share a lot of the same defects, a short-temper, and ––

MN: “We talk about AL-ANON, you know I just thought, ‘really?’  If I was sober, and going to meetings, I was okay.  But, you don’t really see these things, until you see them.  Your life can be pointing to them, but I was angry a lot of the time.  Anger had become a very comfortable place for me, because if I’m angry I don’t have to be fearful or in pain.”

JN: “I think it was a little bit before my sixteenth birthday, and we were really not having a good day, we were not in the best mood, and got into a fight, and he told me to just pack my stuff, and go!  So, I went.”

Where did Juian go? To read the rest of Mike and Julian’s story – and learn how they ended up in a healthy, balanced place, check out the latest issue of Renew.


Pesky Feline! Cat Owner Speaks Out After Pet Attacks Her Cleavage

Pesky Feline! Cat Owner Speaks Out After Pet Attacks Her Cleavage

Airdate: 08/08/2014

How do you sell the cat from hell?

While Lola Marmolejo of Wisconsin praised her cat in a video posted on YouTube in hopes that someone would adopt him, the feline named Jimmy was busy biting and scratching her!

In the video she said, “He loves to play. I think he’s teething- ow! He’s very loving and kind- ow! I say nice things about you – go away!”

Marmolejo yelled as she brushed the cat away. “He loves kids.”

In the video, she cannot help but giggle after realizing how ridiculous her pitch has become.

“He’s such a good boy,” continued Marmolejo. “He’s very affectionate and loving. What’s the matter? Leave me alone!”

INSDIE EDITION’s Les Trent said to Marmolejo, “I think people who look at that video are sort of horrified. Your cat just seems a little bit out of control.”

Marmolejo replied, “I rescued him and I had him for about a month and he is out of control.”

Watch INSIDE EDITION’s Interview with Marmolejo

At one point in the video, she even had to slap the cat!

Veterinarian Dr. Tamika Lewis told INSIDE EDITION, “There were some things she was doing that might have unintentionally exacerbated the behavior. She was doing a lot of hand motions and things like that, and the cat kept coming and trying to jump on her hand.”

Clearly, Jimmy’s behavior is nothing out of the ordinary for the cat. Another video showed Jimmy scratching Marmolejo when she tried to play with the cat.

“Ow! I’m going to start calling you ‘Homeless’ because that’s what you’re about to be!” Marmolejo continued.

On the other hand, Jimmy is smart. How many cats do you know who can fetch in a bathtub. no less?

Jimmy was caught picking up a hair band from the bottom of the tub on command.

And at last, truth in advertising!

“This cat is stressing me out,” said Marmolejo in the YouTube video. “I don’t want him anymore.”

But she has been told Jimmy is too aggressive to be put up for adoption.

“He still bites, but not as hard,” Marmolejo told Trent.

Temperatures are soaring! 98 Degrees star Jeff Timmons bring his pecs appeal to new stripper show


He made women swoon in boyband 98 Degrees, and now Jeff Timmons is hoping to do it all again – but this time in a new strip show. 

The 41-year-old, who was part of the popular Nineties group with Nick and Drew Lachey and Justin Jeffe, split in 2000 to pursue their own individual projects, one of which being Timmons’ adult male revue called Men of the Strip.

Timmons displays his impressive, all-American physique below as well as his days as a Chippendale dancer in Vegas, cheekily posing on the red carpet, to a more polished style as creator, host and performer in the new show.


EXCLUSIVE: Kris Jenner’s Niece Opens Up About Her Famous Family


Natalie Zettel & Karen Houghton


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Daily Mail
What goes on in Vegas... Timeline of Harry's five-day 'lost weekend' in Sin City
By Matt Blake PUBLISHED: 05:58 EST, 23 August 2012 | UPDATED: 13:40 EST, 23 August 2012 For party-lovers across the globe, it is hard to resist Las Vegas’ lure of unfettered fun and debauchery in the heart of the Nevada desert. But while most go home with no more than a throbbing head full of memories, Prince Harry returned from the casino capital yesterday after a wild weekend he may now prefer to forget. British newspaper readers may be the only ones in the world who have not seen photographs of the young prince cavorting naked with a mystery girl, but it has been impossible to avoid the groundswell of opinion that they have sparked.

The Complete Kardashian Diaries: Kim Kardashian’s Father, Robert Kardashian, Detailed Her Emotional Struggles

In Touch’s “Complete Kardashian Diaries” details Robert Kardashian’s personal accounts of Khloé, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian’s behavior during the time of their parents’ divorce.

Long before she was America’s most famous pregnant reality star, Kim Kardashian was a 9-year-old elementary school student going through emotional turmoil as her parents went through a bitter split.

In never-before-seen documents from his divorce from then-wife, Kris, the late Robert Kardashian delved into the then psyches of his daughters, Khloé, 28, Kourtney, 33, and Kim Kardashian, 32.

Robert wrote that young Kim didn’t outwardly react to the divorce, adding that she had a tendency to cry when she was alone. He also noted that a usually outgoing Kim tried to maintain B’s and C’s in her fifth-grade class, but that social situations were difficult because her friends would avoid her due to her family issues.

Like Kim, Kourtney also faced social problems because of her family life, Robert wrote, adding that 10-year-old Kourtney was withdrawn and showed a major change in personality during the split.

Unlike her sisters, Khloé, who was only 5 at the time of Kris and Robert’s divorce, marched to the beat of her own drum. Robert claimed his youngest daughter made her own rules and was very independent.

Robert’s assessment of his daughters’ emotional states is just one of the shocking revelations in In Touch’s new collector’s special, The Complete Kardashian Diaries.

On newsstands today, the bookazine provides a candid, in-depth look into the Kardashian children’s turbulent upbringing – and Robert’s allegations of Kris Jenner’s cheating, lies and abusive behavior — with time-stamped, dated excerpts from more than 200 pages from the late attorney’s personal journals and divorce documents.

For all the shocking allegations from Robert’s diary entries, plus exclusive family photos and much more, pick up In Touch’sComplete Kardashian Diaries, on newsstands now!

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula – The Mail On Sunday UK

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